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We had a great time at eMerge conference in Miami Beach this week. Over 100 startups and tech companies got together to show their stuff! 
Hey #LucydFam!  We have some news that will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit! From now until December 26th, all of our frames will be 50%...
The latest from your mates at Lucyd.
Italian Researchers Develop Augmented Reality Device That Could Potentially Enable Laypeople To Perform Complex Medical Procedures In the not so distant future, it’s entirely possible that human beings won’t need to carry any specialized knowledge around in their memory. Much like calculators have erased the need for on-the-fly mathematical calculations, augmented reality programs could replace […]
Smithsonian Museum Lets Users Experience Burning Man Exhibit Through Custom Snapchat Lens Every year, tens of thousands of people get together in the Nevada desert, erect a fake city where money is not allowed, and live for a week and a half as if the world had experienced a nuclear apocalypse. The event? Burning Man.  While […]
German Newspaper Brings Life To Print News A La Harry Potter In the Harry Potter movies, the newspapers are animated. Instead of simply standing still, pictures of individuals come to live with facial expressions and movement. You could say that JK Rowling was pioneering augmented reality without even knowing it. A newspaper in Europe has done […]

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