6 FEATURES that make Lucyd the best ICO out there:
We’ve hunted around the globe for the very best AR luminaries out there, which combined with our executives & blockchain specialists will bring alive our dream of user-friendly, decentralized smartglasses.
Konrad Dabrowski, CPA - Cofounder, Finance Lead
Eric Cohen - Cofounder, App Development Lead
Harrison Gross - Cofounder, Media Lead
Clifford M. Gross, Ph.D. - Commercialization Lead
Michael Kayat, Ph.D. - Optics Project Lead
Jose Enrique Hernandez - Blockchain Lead
Janick Rolland, Ph.D. - Science Advisor, Optics Expert
Yiorgos Kostoulas, Ph.D - Science Advisor, Optics Expert
Mikhail Gutin, Ph.D. - Science Advisor, Optics Expert
Donna Waters - Science Advisor, Optics Expert
Hao Li, Ph.D. - Science Advisor, Computer Science & AR
Maribeth Coleman, Ph.D. - Science Advisor, Wearable Computing & AR Expert
Pedro Lopes - Human Computer Interaction Researcher
For full team bios, read the Whitepaper.
LCD Token & Blockchain Utility
The Lucyd Lab blockchain and LCD token are going to have many applications:
1. Developers get LCD based on their community impact. The more popular your AR-native content and apps are, the more LCD will be released to you from the blockchain, atop regular app revenue.
2. Users can get LCD for participating in betas, ads, bug reports, ratings, reviews and even during normal use of apps, such as referring new users.
3. LCD can be natively integrated into Lucyd apps, allowing for instant in-app purchases and participation rewards without requiring signup or a bank account. E.g., a game that integrates your LCD wallet for its currency, rewarding achievements and selling gem packs in LCD.
4. LCD can purchase AR hardware and content from the Lucyd store in-Lens, or be cashed out on token exchanges.
5. LCD will be instantly transferable in-Lens among the Lucyd community, for extremely easy, vocally-initiated transactions.
6. LCD decentralizes our ecosystem, allowing the Lens experience to be untethered from existing financial networks.
LCD is going to represent real-world value in our AR world, so you can enjoy a smooth, unfettered experience. Welcome to Lucyd, the decentralized AR revolution.


We will seek to list our tokens on major exchanges.
All major currencies accepted including USD, BTC & ETH.
For large contributions, please contact [email protected].
  • First to miniaturize the optics and electronics for compact, lightweight projection in a head-mounted display. This allows Lucyd Lens to be the first smartglasses that look and feel like regular glasses.
  • First full integration of eye tracking in HMDs, allowing for ocular cursor control and real-time optimization of enhanced field of view (up to 120 degrees).
  • First spatially aware smartglasses with enhanced object occlusion, so AR objects in the Lens meld smoothly with your real-world environment.
  • First freeform optics system allowing for off-axis virtual objects and high-depth interface.
  • First integration of binocular, flush HD microdisplays. No protruding elements, low-eye strain & discreet.
  • First smartglasses with highly modular controls, including finger tracking, voice control and eye tracking, all of which can be used to switch on and off the AR experience on demand.
  • First smartglasses with low light leakage and high spatial resolution, for solid-seeming AR objects.
  • First smartglasses that accommodate prescription lenses, for comfortable all-day wear by everyone. Lucyd Lens can replace your regular glasses.
  • First smartglasses with no buttons, switches or wires, for a sleek look. Lucyd Lens will also charge wirelessly, for a totally next-gen experience.


US Patent Number
Patent 1 6,731,434 Compact Lens Assembly for the Teleportal Augmented Reality System
Patent 2 6,804,066 Compact Lens Assembly for the Teleportal Augmented Reality System (CIP)
Patent 3 6,927,694 Algorithm for monitoring head/eye motion for driver alertness with one camera
Patent 4 6,963,454 Head-mounted Display by Integration of Phase-Conjugate Material
Patent 5 6,999,239 Head Mounted Display by Integration of Phase Conjugate Material DIV
Patent 6 7,009,773 Compact Microlenslet Arrays Imager
Patent 7 7,088,457 Iterative Least-Squares Wavefront estimation for general pupil shapes
Patent 8 7,119,965 Head Mounted Projection Display with a Wide Field of View
Patent 9 7,499,217 Imaging System for Eyeglass-Based Display Devices
Patent 10 7,522,344 Projection based Head Mounted Display with Eye-Tracking Capabilities
Patent 11 7,639,208 Compact Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Display with Occlusion Support
Patent 12 7,843,642 Systems and Methods for Providing Compact Illumination in Head Mounted Displays
Patent 13 7,969,657 Imaging Systems for Eyeglass-Based Display Devices

The exclusive license to the patent portfolio is for the life of the IP, which extends from 2022-2028 depending upon the individual patent expiration dates.

The above image is an artist rendition. Actual prototype glasses will include batteries and electronics in the arms of the glasses.


For complete info on Lucyd and Lucyd patents
We are designing an AR interface that dynamically adapts to the task at hand, so the Lens will always be useful and never in the way.
13 exclusively licensed AR patents developed by leading optics researchers.
134B$ Market
134B$ and growing projected market for AR by 2021, with 85% CAGR.
120° AR enhanced view
120° best-in-class AR-enhanced view, for fully supported visual field.
No worries if you don’t have time for the whitepaper – you can probably find the answers you need here. Still confused? Shoot us an email with the form below for a prompt response, or reach out to [email protected] or our Telegram.

Lucyd is releasing 50 mln LCD tokens in the total sale, out of which 25 mln are on offer at the presale price of 1 ETH=2,133 LCD. The regular sale LCD token will be valued at 1 ETH=1,280 LCD and starts Oct 31st or when the pre-sale pool of 25 million LCD is sold out. You get 40% discount in the pre-sale.

The regular sale will last until November 30th, 2017.

We are planning to release Lucyd Lens in early 2019. The first 500 crowdfund contributors over 2.35 ETH/$750 US will have one of the first pairs automatically reserved. Just go to lucyd.co/getLCD. to purchase the LCD token, which we are using to crowdfund the development of our next-gen smartglasses. This is a locked-in promotional price for those who #getLCD to help us build Lucyd Lens! Normally, the glasses will cost more than this.

Don’t worry if you can’t get one of the first 500 pairs, Lucyd Lens will be regularly available for LCD, crypto and fiat currencies in 2019. However, we can’t give an exact price because of uncertain manufacturing costs. The $750/2.35 ETH price is an early-adopter promotional price, and does not necessarily suggest the basis for the ultimate price of the glasses. But we can’t build them at all without your help! #GetLCD today!

Just be one of the first 500 donors over $1200/4 ETH – we’ll notify you when your Lens is available in early 2019. Hang on to at least 5,000 LCD—this will be needed to purchase the reserved glasses. Please give more than this if you can to help the Lucyd dream come alive! LCD tokens (and fiat and crypto) will be able to regularly purchase AR hardware, apps and content from Lucyd once our platform is live.

The glasses will only show data of other Lens users who opt-in to have their social media info public. Although the use of facial recognition tech will be possible, we are planning for identity-recognition via GPS/RFID proximity to other Lens users.

Due to the breakneck pace of the AR space, Lucyd wants to acquire community funding much faster than traditional methods. A token sale is like a kickstarter built on blockchain, that lets you seek global support in an extremely rapid time frame. Since Lucyd is offering a solution to the pressing AR question, we think people will want to join our mission all over the world. After the LCD token sale, LCD itself can be traded on coin exchanges, and used for P2P transactions with other Lens users, in addition to being able to be “cashed out.” But since we are using an Ethereum blockchain (most practical), we can only accept contributions in ETH (Ethereum).

Lucyd is very different from existing AR solutions because our tech is truly next-generation. Lucyd’s 13 AR patents enable thin micro displays for a richly textured, dynamically layered AR experience, unlike existing smartglasses that use a protruding external display. This tech also enables Lucyd Lens to be the first smartglass that is compatible with prescription lenses, and looks like a normal pair of glasses. As a result we envision Lucyd Lens to be available in a wide range of frame styles for men, women and children. Lucyd also has an advanced patent for real-world object detection, allowing its AR interface to more smoothly intermingle digital content with the real world.

Yes, at any time while using Lens, you can simply say “Dream Deferred” (or a custom phrase) to disengage the AR and return to natural sight. We are also considering adding two additional features where you can also snap near the Lens or blink for three seconds to engage/disengage the AR interface.

In our opinion, it doesn’t matter if someone else makes smartglasses—there are already several current on the market. But their user base is limited to the ultra-geeky. We strongly believe Lucyd Lens will be the first smartglass that works for everyone. This is because Lucyd’s 13 AR patents are significantly more advanced than other smartglass optics tech, and we have a team of world-class optics, blockchain and commercialization experts to make the dream come alive. We are also going to organically drive Lens engagement by building an AR app/content blockchain that will make it easy for anyone to develop, share and experience Lucyd-native content, and be rewarded LCD tokens for doing so. Many AR devices are out there, but the Lens is going to be the first powered by blockchain, and because of this has the potential to grow at an incredible rate. Even if another mass market smartglass drops, it is not likely to answer all of the design problems that Lucyd is poised to solve.

Thus far the optical system and front-end UX only are in development, we are evaluating hardware solutions now. But the Lens will start as a smartphone periphery, harnessing it for processing power and data signal. Smartphone is the motherboard, Lens is simply the monitor and “cursor,” or input device, so the actual on-board computing power of the Lens will be limited to keep it light, stylish and comfortable.

On the ‘View Wallet Info’ tab:
Click “Add Custom Token.”
Address: 0x7efff8fba471cc125d5ec81a3c8625db8acfd78d
Token Symbol: LCD
Decimals: 0

Donate on the old contract? Use this address with 2 decimals: 0xc592c63a86d03d1ac2aad4a0a2d5cd1eb724ddba

It is normal for there to be a lapse in time between an ICO and live functionality of the token. In between the token crowdfund and launch of Lucyd Lens, LCD will be able to be freely traded on token exchanges (by community only, Lucyd team will be unable to sell tokens for at least a year after crowdfund). LCD mainly exists to get us the funding we need to succeed, until the Lens themselves release to the earliest adopters.

The LCD token isn’t a security, it is a utility token, more like store credit. Lucyd is founded in Singapore, and we believe it is fully compliant with financial and commercial regulation there. For more about Lucyd legal, read the whitepaper.

Yes, Lucyd is a registered Singaporean corporation. We have had our Singapore legal team review our documents to help ensure that we are totally compliant with financial & commercial regulation in Singapore. Please see the whitepaper for complete legal details on the LCD token sale. https://lucyd.co/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/whitepaper.pdf

LCD has several functions. Its initial use is to fund the development of the Lucyd Lens prototype. LCD will also facilitate rapid peer-to-peer transactions in the Lucyd AR world, and is used to organically motivate user and developer engagement with Lucyd Lens. It accomplishes this through the Lucyd Lab blockchain, on which new AR content & apps are registered. Blocks then release LCD to developers based on user ratings of their content, and to users based on their feedback to the developer community, and participation in ads and promotions. LCD can be used to purchase AR products from Lucyd and other developers, as well as bought and sold on token exchanges.

Simply go to lucyd.co/getLCD and follow the detailed instructions. If you have any questions, email us at [email protected], or message at facebook.com/LucydLtd. Don’t worry, it only takes five minutes!

We have a roadmap for development of the product from start to finish, which you can see on our homepage at Lucyd.co. We also have a detailed breakdown of our action plan on our blog. We are dividing the Lens development into three core stages: hardware, firmware and software. The Lens is enabled by our breakthrough AR tech described in 13 patents we acquired the exclusive rights to, and our “Dream Team” of AR, optics, creative and commercialization experts.

In short, enrich the visual experience by superimposing digital information over what you are seeing. Our goal is to have Lucyd Lens seamlessly support your daily life with useful information, and make it easier than ever before to access the Internet and your favorite apps. The novel Lucyd Lens interface will automatically adjust to fit the task at hand, based on te app you are using, so your eyes are on the real world when they need to be, and on AR objects when it’s appropriate. Lucyd will be there when you need it, and out of the way in the blink of an eye when you don’t. We believe this is what’s required for AR to go mainstream, and this is what we’re seeking to build.

It’s like an advanced kickstarter program that uses blockchain tech to outsource a common problem to everyone, so we can find the solution together. Our problem is that we know AR is the future but without ergonomic smart glasses, that future wont happen. We believe that Lucyd Lens is the solution, because it’s going to be built by everybody.

We are expecting normal production models to be available in 2019. Help us build them at lucyd.co/getLCD.

Blockchain technology will let anyone easily develop and distribute content on our platform. The whole thing is built on the LCD token to easily facilitate P2P transactions in the glasses themselves, forgoing dependence on traditional financial systems, while also organically motivating community engagement with LCD rewards. We believe the Blockchain will enable Lucyd to grow exponentially!

We are going to automatically reward successful Lucyd developers with LCD in addition to normal app revenue. Eventually, we hope to build a new AR app ecosystem from the ground up, which will be totally peer-to-peer, allowing developers to earn nearly all of the revenue generated from their content.

Our team is made of optics, AR, finance and creative powerhouses from around the world, including five Ph.D. scientists and executives. Our team also has Dr. Jannick Rolland, a world-renowned optics expert and the brilliant inventor behind 12 of Lucyd’s 13 smartglass patents. See lucyd.co/about for our bios!

Lucyd is based in Singapore but our team is global! Cofounders are in Miami, legal in UK/Singapore, and leading advisors across America and abroad. We’ve looked all over the world for the best and brightest to manifest the Lucyd dream.

We care about making sure everyone feels safe around our product. Lucyd Lens will only show public, opted-in information of other Lens users whilein “Nav Mode,” the interface mode when you are walking around town. To clarify, the Lens only shows public profiles of other Lens wearers who have opted-in to sharing them. The Lens will also have a red LED on the front face by the camera, which must be on at all times whenever a photo or video capture app is open. All 3rd party apps must be approved by Lucyd, and meet stringent health and privacy measures to make sure Lens is useful and safe for everyone.

The lead inventor behind Lucyd patents, Dr. Jannick Rolland, is a world-class optics expert, and is on hand as a Lucyd advisor. She is central to the hardware development. Dr. Rolland has already developed the central optical system that will be utilised by Lucyd. The optics team is led by Mike Kayat, who is a physicist and a business development executive with 20 years of experience in development and marketing in advanced optics. Dr Clifford Gross, Strategic Commercialization Lead, is an experienced executive and entrepreneur who founded three public companies and is a named inventor on 19 issued patents from his research. Jose Enrique Hernandez is the Blockchain Lead for Lucyd, and has extensive experience in the cryptocurrency, mining servers and Blockchain software spaces. Professor Hao Li is a Lucyd advisor, and a well-recognised AR expert. His work revolves around dynamic shape reconstruction, real-time facial and body performance capture, 3D hair acquisition and garment digitalisation. Dr Chris Harrison, also an advisor, is an expert in AR and Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon, while recently added Pedro Lopes is an expert in Haptic AR. Konrad Dabrowski (CPA), Eric Cohen, and Harrison Gross are the cofounders of the project, and are the Financial, App Development and Media leads respectively.

At Lucyd we believe in accountability, governance and highest standards of reporting. It is a mindset that comes from multiple years of experience in working in public companies that are leading the way in corporate responsibility. Our Finance Lead is a CPA with over 7 years of experience as a finance auditor with Deloitte, one of the most respected public accounting companies in the world. This results in strict internal control over accountability over spending, and transparency when it comes to financial reporting. These standards will be enforced along the prototype development, with regular reporting on actual spend and progress of the project versus the budget. The management team will provide semi-annual project progress reports to be reviewed by third party auditors, made available to token holders. In addition, we will be regularly updating you through newsletters, social media including updates with new product images, content and milestones set forth in our project roadmap. You can see the milestones and projected timeline here (lucyd.co).

All of our team members are held to highest standards of integrity. Our Strategic Commercialization Lead has founded and successfully took public 3 companies, following rigorous governance and reporting requirements. The “tone at the top”, so important for any respectable organization, is reinforced daily: honesty, transparency, character and integrity are the first thing we look at when bringing in new people on our team.

The Lucyd team’s own LCD tokens are nontransferable until at least 12 months from ICO end. We believe in the project, and we want to show you we are serious about bringing you the first user-friendly smartglasses.

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Bill P
Marketing Manager

I’ve been brainstorming ways I can use your glasses and working in the entertainment field I see unlimited opportunities… I fly single engine planes and your glasses would save lives up there.” -Bill P.

Spence C.
British Deaf Association

I know from my heart that Lucyd will be a life-saver for people with disability.

Mitchell M
Coin Lecture

Lucyd Lens. Remember the name, it will be a household commodity in the future. Speculators take a hard look…

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