The new way to speak your mind.

Meet Vyrb, a social platform built for the human voice, and designed to enhance wearables with new capabilities.

Forever Free

Add fun content and new functionality to your wearables at no cost.

Rapid Voice Posting

Share short form audio, podcasts and music in just moments with Vyrb.

Swift & Secure

Dynamic privacy controls so you're heard only by those in your circle.

The human voice has gone missing lately. We're bringing it into the online era with Vyrb.

There's no doubt that social media has become something far afield from its original purpose. While originally developed to connect people from around the world quickly and effortlessly, now much of social media is devoted to serving ever more effective and personalized ads, and its algorithms promote objectionable, incendiary content above content that really matters–what your friends and family are actually doing.

Meet Vyrb, a new way to speak your mind and share your life with friends and family. Vyrb offers unique features like rapid voice posting, dynamic text and voice chats, autoplay and transcription tools to enjoy your feed totally handsfree and with more flexibility than ever before.


Fresh, fast and clean for 2022.

Most popular social platforms that dominate our attention were built over a decade ago, for an earlier era of the internet. Vyrb is built for the here and now, with a dynamic and fun interface that puts the user first. Tap the Vyrb button on any screen to immediately start recording a voice chat, voice comment or new post.

Flexible chat options open up a whole new rapid communication channel for you and your circle. Create a public chat and have it appear in-feed so friends can hop into the conversation, or talk one-on-one with the fine-tuned voice editor.

Ready to rock?

Download Vyrb now and start sharing what makes you tick.