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Lucyd Files New Patent, Announces Vyrb Social Media App

Hey Lucyd fam!

Some exciting news to share today. We have filed a new patent for the Vyrb mobile application, which we plan to launch in December 2020. 

Vyrb is a very exciting project that will enable its users to interact with social media using just their voice. For example, it allows you to create new verbal content posts, as well as retrieve your social feeds on other platforms, and hear them read out through your web device's voice assistant. The app will also let users comment on and hashtag posts with their voice. A main goal is to improve the verbal accessibility of existing social platforms, while creating a new one purpose-built for use with Lucyd Loud and voice assistants.

Additionally, the patent has a unique system for creating new voice commands for your favorite voice assistant. Vyrb is a key example of how Lucyd wants to make your digital life more accessible through smartglasses. Read the release here. More news on the app development, as well as interface previews, are coming soon!






Alan Bailey

investing info in the future rise of the app for social media expansion

Michael vargas

I would like to invest in vyrb
3614615802 are email

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