LCD Token & Blockchain Utility
LCD is going to be the native currency of our AR world, so you can enjoy a smooth, unfettered experience. Furthermore, the only way to free the global developer community from the heavy taxes imposed by current app ecosystems is with blockchain. The Lucyd Lab blockchain will drive developer and user engagement with our hardware platform, by motivating content creation and other community-building efforts with the LCD token.
Dr. Baris Yildirim
PhD in Neuroscience
I was truly impressed by the people behind Lucyd, such high potential and genuinely genius individuals.
Julian Mitchell
“Spearheaded by a top-tier team of optics experts, the Singapore-based company currently owns the exclusive license to 13 patents for specific functions of AR eyeglasses”
Professor Yiorgos Kostoulas
Vanderbilt University
“The microlenslet array imager part of Lucyd’s IP reduces the object-to-image distance down to 1.7 mm…, [and] makes the realization of Lucyd Lens possible”
Mitchell M
Coin Lecture
Lucyd Lens. Remember the name, it will be a household commodity in the future.
Spence C.
British Deaf Association
I know from my heart that Lucyd will be a life-saver for people with disability.
Tokentops Review (5/5)
They have a good shot at making this reality and obviously by the looks of it this token sale will accelerate development.
Bill P
Marketing Manager
I fly single engine planes and your glasses would save lives up there.

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Get 50% bonus tokens when you contribute

$1000/3 ETH or more 12a-12a GMT this Friday!

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