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Skateboarding is a unique sport because you have the freedom to do what ever you want to. With no coaches, teammates, or defined rules, you can set your own goals and are limited by your own creativity. The Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth Smart Glasses can help you achieve your ambitions in the most safe and fun way possible.

Proper eyewear is key to excellent skating. The Lyte comes completely prescription adaptable allowing you to stay engaged with your movement and focused on your path while protecting your eyes from any debris. When it is bright outside, you can even swap your clear lenses for a pair of polarized sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Music can be a great way to maintain rhythm and generate inspiration but in ear headphones can be dangerous. They minimize the sounds around you while wires get in the way of your actions and tricks. Skating can also be bumpy, meaning those headphones can move around in your ear or even fall out. The Lyte sits comfortably on your head like regular glasses and features a wireless open ear speaker design. This way you can listen to music in high quality, receive notifications, or use voice assistants like Siri, all while staying safe and aware of what is happening nearby.


  • Listen to music while staying aware of your surroundings
  • Make calls and receive updates safely on the go
  • Clear Vision Free of Debris
  • Lightweight and Fashionable Form factor
  • Intuitive touch control for audio playback


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The headphones are great, very light and the sound quality is impressive.

- Kevin Smith

Quick turnaround

Great apple product for a very competitive price. Ordering online was a breeze and I was able to collect within 2 days of placing my order.

- Luke Johnson

Love them

Be careful with them as they can easily get lost and fall into random places as they're very small.

- Jenny Black