Return Policy


1. Returns - All glasses are eligible for a moneyback guarantee within 7 days of receipt. To proceed with a return or replacement, contact within 7 days of package delivery. Buyer is responsible for return shipping.

2. Warranty - All glasses now come with a 90 day limited warranty, with manufacturer defects fully covered in that time frame. If your glasses break or are otherwise unusable within 90 days of receipt due to manufacturing issues, they are eligible for replacement or exchange with an item of lesser or equal value from Lucyd. Contact to claim. Buyer is responsible for return shipping.

3. Missing shipment - If customer claims glasses are missing/undelivered within 21 days of shipment. If this can be verified through tracking information an additional pair of the exact same specifications can be shipped. If it can’t, Lucyd will contact the postal service to attempt to locate the order. If it still cannot be located, Lucyd will replace the glasses.

4. Missing return - If the returned glasses do not arrive back at Boston Ocular, but it can be seen by tracking number/good faith that the customer attempted return, follow guidelines for within-14-day and within-365-day returns.

5. Damaged return - If the returned glasses are damaged beyond use, the customer should still receive refund as normal according to time frame.

6. Return packaging - Customers will be advised to retain all original packaging in checkout confirmation email. Customers will be responsible for return packaging.

7. Cryptocurrency purchases - For glasses purchased with cryptocurrency, the normal return policies apply, but store credit is substituted for crypto refund in all instances.

Please visit our terms & conditions for more information.

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