Welcome to Lucyd! Thanks for your interest in working with us. We have three programs to help you bring Lucyd frames to your customers or audience.

The Lucyd reseller program allows you to easily stock Lucyd frames for retail sale. We provide frames to you at the wholesale rate, for resale however you choose–online or off. The only limit is that you can't list on Amazon.com/Amazon.ca or Walmart.com. Reseller orders under 50 frames can be placed easily through our site with a wholesale code. We provide tech and warranty support to you final customers, and our 90-day warranty begins at final retail sale. We also allow 30 days to try out your first reseller order in your store risk-free. You can even use Lucyd.co for prescription and custom order fulfillment! Contact us at info@lucyd.co to get started. We have an Intro Kit available that makes it easy to try our Bluetooth eyewear out in your business.

Next up is our retail affiliate program, which can be signed up for with the Affiliate Portal link at the bottom of the site. Find the tutorial video here. That allows you to share a link or discount code to our site and if someone purchases, you gain 10% of the sale paid via Paypal or Venmo. Visitors are tracked for 30 days. If you contribute the $100 minimum to our crowdfund, in addition to your shares, you get permanently boosted to 15% cash back in this program. Just contact us at info@lucyd.co to have your account upgraded. We also have a Wholesale Affiliate program, contact us for more information on acquiring wholesale accounts. 

For professional affiliates and promotion companies, we offer a program on Shareasale. The current rate is a boosted 15% until 5/1/21, when we will be reevaluating the program.

The Affiliate Drive can be entered here, where you can find graphical content to use for online promotion. You are also authorized to repost any content that we publish on social media, and you can request custom content. 

Let us know if you need any support by reaching out to info@lucyd.co!