About Lucyd Lens

At Lucyd, we believe in the ability of emerging technologies to enhance human vision. We think that several of these areas of research, particularly AI, augmented reality, and blockchain, have the potential to converge in a revolutionary wearable. That's why we're working on a graphical AR smartglass called Lucyd Lens. We believe that existing attempts at producing smartglass have suffered in the marketplace, because of a lack of ergonomic design and practical use. Lucyd Lens aims to address these issues by being a comfortable, prescription-compatible smartglass that supports and enhances vision. 

The Lucyd Lens beta program is scheduled for early 2019, and is only open to participants in the LCD token generation event that concluded on February 28th, 2018. When the beta is ready, several hundred Lucyd Lenses will be released to the Lucyd community via the eShop. 

We created LCD as a rapid medium of exchange purpose-built for our AR smartglasses, and to help support their ongoing development. LCD has several planned uses, including automated rewards to contributors of content and computational power to the platform, for handsfree peer-to-peer transactions in our glasses, to buy hardware from Lucyd, and as the foundation of a decentralized AR app store. 

Please follow us on Twitter @LucydLtd, or subscribe below for updates. We would like to thank the members of the community for making the Lucyd Dream possible!

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