Frequently Asked Questions

Glasses FAQ

Where is my order?

Please login to your account at and click “Account” on the left. This will show you your order history and tracking details when available.

Can I change the prescription on my order?

Yes, if it hasn’t been produced yet. Often our glasses are manufactured within 24 hours of purchase, so it may not be possible. Please email immediately for help changing your order. They will be able to assist you. If you like, I can take your email or phone and have the customer service team reach out to you directly. 

I’d like to cancel my order. 

Most of the time, orders are filled within 24 hours. If your order has not been filled yet, it may be possible to cancel it. Please contact with your order details and request. They will be able to assist you.  

My prescription is X years old, is that ok?

We strongly recommend ordering glasses only with prescriptions received in the last year, however, prescriptions up to two years old will be accepted.

Where is Lucyd based?

Lucyd is based in Singapore, but is a global company. Our glasses are assembled and shipped from the USA.

When can I order Lucyd Lens/When is Lucyd Lens out?

Lucyd Lens will be available on the eshop in mid-2019. The closed beta will commence in Q1 through the eShop.

I want to return my product.

No problem. Please email and they will be glad to assist you. If you prefer, I can take your email or phone and have the customer service team reach out to you directly. 

How long does it take to get my order?

It varies, but usually within a week! Depending on the type of prescription, shipping preference and your location, it can be anywhere from overnight to two weeks. Normally, orders are shipped next business day, but high prescriptions and photochromic lenses can take a few extra days. For overnight orders in the US, you must order before 3pm EST Monday-Thursday to receive next day. Email us at if you are unsure how long your prescription will take.

How long do I have to return my glasses?

You can send your glasses back within 14 days of receiving them for a full refund or store credit. Just email for a free postage label. Please bear in mind it will need to be postmarked with 14 days of your confirmed delivery. But after this, if you are unsatisfied with your glasses within a year of receipt, you can return them for a store credit of 50% of the purchase price.  

I have a question about my prescription or another eye health concern.

Please email our in-house optometrist, Dr. Clement, at He should get back to you in 1-2 business days. You can also email him through the site. 

Can I join the team?

Lucyd is always looking for top talent in the optometry, augmented reality, and blockchain fields. Please email with your resume and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

What is the return policy?

1. Full refund - if glasses are returned with postmark within 14 days of confirmed delivery. Account credit, reimbursement, and order replacement should all be options.

2. Half refund - if glasses returned with postmark within 365 days of confirmed delivery. Store credit only. Should perhaps include a sliding scale for how much you get back based on condition of frames.

3. Replacement product - if customer claims glasses are missing/undelivered within 21 days of shipment. If this can be verified through tracking information an additional pair of the exact same specifications can be shipped. If it can’t, Lucyd will contact the postal service to attempt to locate the order. If it still cannot be located, Lucyd will replace the glasses.

4. Missing return - if the returned glasses do not arrive back at Boston Ocular, but it can be seen by tracking number/good faith that the customer attempted return, follow guidelines for within-14-day and within-365-day returns.

5. Damaged return - if the returned glasses are damaged beyond use, the customer should still receive refund as normal according to time frame.

6. Return packaging - customers will be advised to retain all original packaging in checkout confirmation email. Customers will be responsible for return packaging.

7. Cryptocurrency purchases - For glasses purchased with cryptocurrency, the normal return policies apply, but store credit is substituted for crypto refund in all instances.

Token FAQ

What is the mission of Lucyd?

Our goal is to upgrade your eyewear. We’re building an online optics store where you can find the best high tech glasses, including lines developed by Lucyd and from our partners. The Lucyd eShop is slated to launch at July 31st, and will start by offering technologically advanced glasses, including a bone conduction audio smartglass called Lucyd LOUD ®. We want to offer comfortable, functioning glasses, but with new, useful features to enhance the visual experience. In addition to prescription smartglasses, we plan to offer fashion-forward glasses with unique design features, such as a line of nearly indestructible frames. We are building a customer-focused shopping experience, that includes the option to consult with an eye doctor for free, and be the first place in the world to purchase Rx eyewear with bitcoin and ether.

What is the LCD token?

LCD is an ERC20 utility token. Its intended purpose is to enhance the user experience on the Lucyd platform, and to be able to purchase goods and services from Lucyd, its partners and developer community. Essentially, the token is a credit in the Lucyd ecosystem. LCD is not an investment product, and it is not representative of equity in Lucyd. LCD was created to reward our crowdfund participants with credit towards future purchases of Lucyd smartglasses and AR content. We are trying to build a platform where LCD is the go-to currency for any transaction performed in AR.  

What are the LCD token details?

The Ethereum contract address is: 0x9a4059c1cf329a017e0ee1337c503137Fd9463b2; 18 decimals; Symbol: LCD; To send token: Gas limit 58000; Gwei price should be 16-21.  

Are there risks associated with LCD?

There are many risks involved in purchasing cryptocurrency tokens, including lcd. Lcd is intended to provide a credit on our proposed smartglass platform. Before purchasing tokens, and indeed when purchasing any cryptocurrency, one should consider the risk factors carefully. The lcd token value can be adversely affected by any of the following, which may result in the token having no value: (a) changes in political, social, economic, stock or cryptocurrency market conditions, and the regulatory environment in the countries in which lucyd conducts its respective businesses and operations; (b) the risk that lucyd may be unable to execute or implement its business strategies and future plans; (c) changes in interest rates and exchange rates of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies; (d) changes in the anticipated growth strategies and expected internal growth of lucyd; (e) changes in the availability and fees payable to lucyd in connection to its anticipated products, businesses and operations; (f) changes in the availability and salaries of employees who are required by lucyd to operate its respective businesses and operations; (g) changes in preferences of users of lucyd products and the lucyd ecosystem; (h) changes in competitive conditions under which lucyd operates, and the ability of lucyd to compete under such conditions; (I) changes in the future capital needs of lucyd and the availability of financing and capital to fund such needs; (j) war or acts of international or domestic terrorism; (k) occurrences of catastrophic events, natural disasters and acts of god that affect the businesses and/or operations of lucyd; (l) other factors beyond the control of lucyd; and (m) any risk and uncertainties associated with lucyd and its businesses and operations, the lcd tokens, the lcd tge and the lucyd ecosystem.  

Why does Lucyd need a blockchain?

Blockchain technology will let anyone easily develop and distribute content on our platform. We believe the LCD token will enable Lucyd to scale exponentially, by unifying our global developer and user base with a single transparent ledger. We plan for the LCD token to be mined via the creation of highly rated AR content, automatically rewarding new developers for getting involved in the platform.  

Do you have corporate governance plans that you can share?

At Lucyd we believe in accountability, governance and highest standards of reporting. It is a mindset that comes from multiple years of experience in working in public companies. Our finance lead is a CPA with over seven years of experience as an auditor with Deloitte, one of the most respected public accounting companies in the world. We believe that this contributes to and informs our internal controls when it comes to financial reporting. The management team will provide to our token holders, semi-annual project progress reports to be reviewed by third party auditors. In addition, we will provide regular product updates. All of our team members are held to highest standards of integrity. The lucyd team’s tokens are nontransferable until march 2019. We believe in the project, and we want to demonstrate that we are committed to the development of ergonomic smartglasses and the launch of a successful e-shop.  

Tell me more about the potential synergy of AR and blockchain.

Blockchain is really powerful when combined with AR smartglasses for a number of reasons.
First of all, the ability to rapidly access cryptocurrency info and statistics is a must for people involved in blockchain, from everyone to token traders to core developers. AR has the potential to deliver this info, handsfree, in real-time. This undoubtedly will create a competitive advantage to those who use AR. But in our opinion the biggest two synergies between AR and blockchain are in terms of security and content. For security, AR smartglasses can bring new security features to crypto transactions, by storing crypto in a prescription glass that can only be used by the owner, by adding security layers like voice enabled passwords, and by using blockchain security apps like Rivetz to quickly secure one’s smartglass.

In the future, when crypto payments may be more widely used in the day to day, initiating transactions from a wearable like smartglasses could be quick and secure. One use Lucyd envisions is vocal token transfers from one smartglass user to another. In terms of content the potential is huge. Lucyd envisions an open developer ecosystem, where anyone can rapidly create and share AR content, both by porting existing media and apps into AR, and by creating natively in AR interfaces. Blockchain can become the backbone of an AR economy, uniting all the users of a platform on a decentralized network, where content can be freely exchanged peer to peer. We envision a P2P marketplace for AR content, which could be powered by a simple token. Lucyd created the LCD token with this in mind, and think it may also be useful for introducing new customers of our smartglasses to the blockchain world with token rewards, airdrops and more.

Is Lucyd developing any apps?

We are currently developing two unique apps. Our first app is focused on Lucyd LOUD®, and will be called LINK. Its goal is to improve the synergy of wearables and IoT devices. This app is concerned with a wearable future, and making the overall UX of Lucyd smartglasses more convenient and connected. Lucyd has just filed for its 14th patent for the LINK app. The second is an LCD wallet app for storing and sending our token on various devices.