You can probably find answers to your queries here or in the whitepaper. Still confused? Shoot us an email with the form below for a prompt response, or reach out to [email protected] or our Telegram.

Yes, at any time while using Lens, you can simply say “Dream Deferred” (or a custom phrase) to disengage the AR and return to natural sight. We are also considering adding two additional features where you can also snap near the Lens or blink for three seconds to engage/disengage the AR interface.

Thus far the optical system and front-end UX only are in development, we are evaluating hardware solutions now. But the Lens will start as a smartphone periphery, harnessing it for processing power and data signal. Smartphone is the motherboard, Lens is simply the monitor and “cursor,” or input device, so the actual on-board computing power of the Lens will be limited to keep it light, stylish and comfortable.

LCD is a utility token, more like store credit. Lucyd is founded in Singapore, and we believe it is fully compliant with financial and commercial regulation there. For more about Lucyd legal, read the whitepaper.

Lucyd is a registered Singaporean corporation.

LCD has several functions. Its initial use is to fund the development of the Lucyd Lens prototype. LCD will also facilitate rapid peer-to-peer transactions in the Lucyd AR world, and is used to organically motivate user and developer engagement with Lucyd Lens. It accomplishes this through the Lucyd Lab blockchain, on which new AR content & apps are registered. Blocks then release LCD to developers based on user ratings of their content, and to users based on their feedback to the developer community, and participation in ads and promotions. LCD can be used to purchase AR products from Lucyd and other developers, as well as bought and sold on token exchanges.

In short, enrich the visual experience by superimposing digital information over what you are seeing. Our goal is to have Lucyd Lens seamlessly support your daily life with useful information, and make it easier than ever before to access the Internet and your favorite apps. The novel Lucyd Lens interface will automatically adjust to fit the task at hand, based on the app you are using, so your eyes are on the real world when they need to be, and on AR objects when it’s appropriate. Lucyd will be there when you need it, and out of the way in the blink of an eye when you don’t. We believe this is what’s required for AR to go mainstream, and this is what we’re seeking to build.

We are expecting prototype models to be available in 2019.

Blockchain technology will let anyone easily develop and distribute content on our platform. The whole thing is built on the LCD token to easily facilitate P2P transactions in the glasses themselves, forgoing dependence on traditional financial systems, while also organically motivating community engagement with LCD rewards. We believe the Blockchain will enable Lucyd to grow exponentially!

We are going to automatically reward successful Lucyd developers with LCD in addition to normal app revenue. Eventually, we hope to build a new AR app ecosystem from the ground up, which will be totally peer-to-peer, allowing developers to earn nearly all of the revenue generated from their content. Additionally, Lucyd Lens will support existing app ecosystems like the App Store.

Our team is made of optics, AR, finance and creative powerhouses from around the world, including five Ph.D. scientists and executives.

At Lucyd we believe in accountability, governance and highest standards of reporting. It is a mindset that comes from multiple years of experience in working in public companies that are leading the way in corporate responsibility. Our Finance Lead is a CPA with over 7 years of experience as a finance auditor with Deloitte, one of the most respected public accounting companies in the world. This results in strict internal control over accountability over spending, and transparency when it comes to financial reporting. These standards will be enforced along the prototype development, with regular reporting on actual spend and progress of the project versus the budget. The management team will provide semi-annual project progress reports to be reviewed by third party auditors, made available to token holders. In addition, we will be regularly updating you through newsletters, social media including updates with new product images, content and milestones set forth in our project roadmap.

All of our team members are held to highest standards of integrity. Our Strategic Commercialization Lead has founded and successfully took public 3 companies, following rigorous governance and reporting requirements. The “tone at the top”, so important for any respectable organization, is reinforced daily: honesty, transparency, character and integrity are the first thing we look at when bringing in new people on our team.

The Lucyd team’s own LCD tokens are nontransferable until at least 12 months from ICO end. We believe in the project, and we want to show you we are serious about bringing you the first user-friendly smartglasses.

Dr. Baris Yildirim
PhD in Neuroscience
I was truly impressed by the people behind Lucyd, such high potential and genuinely genius individuals.
Julian Mitchell
“Spearheaded by a top-tier team of optics experts, the Singapore-based company currently owns the exclusive license to 13 patents for specific functions of AR eyeglasses”
Professor Yiorgos Kostoulas
Vanderbilt University
“The microlenslet array imager part of Lucyd’s IP reduces the object-to-image distance down to 1.7 mm…, [and] makes the realization of Lucyd Lens possible”
Mitchell M
Coin Lecture
Lucyd Lens. Remember the name, it will be a household commodity in the future.
Spence C.
British Deaf Association
I know from my heart that Lucyd will be a life-saver for people with disability.
Tokentops Review (5/5)
They have a good shot at making this reality and obviously by the looks of it this token sale will accelerate development.
Bill P
Marketing Manager
I fly single engine planes and your glasses would save lives up there.

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