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Augmented Reality is used to define technology that creates a computer-generated image that the user can see in the real world. A physical environment is created whereby the elements therein are augmented and extracted through real-world sensory inputs such as audio, video, graphics or GPS data. The computers involved are used to manipulate and modify […]
AR and VR will take a few years to become mainstream. The same is true for blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrency. Blockchain allows to securely exchange goods and services online independently of banks and credit card companies, and AR/VR are great visualization tools. Can the integration of two speed up the mass adoption of both? […]
There are a number of reasons why smartglasses have yet to go mainstream. Clunky form factors, eye-straining monocular displays, poor processing power and resolution, and difficult-to-master controls are just a few of the issues holding back AR devices. Additionally, a Forbes article suggests that marketing problems could also be interrupting progress. Just what problem do […]
Estimated augmented reality revenue from devices and content. Apple just released ARKit and Google just released ARCore in the last few months. But revenue for augmented reality devices and content will hit a massive $36.4 billion in 2023, according to Greenlight Insight’s newest report. That’s 11 times higher than the estimated $3.4 billion in revenue in 2019. Current […]

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