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If we look far enough into the future, it’s entirely possible that mixed reality will completely replace paper. Environmentally inefficient, things like newspapers, books, and loose-leaf advertisements are likely only a few short decades from extinction. Could restaurant menus also be at risk for being replaced? One burger chain in New York City seems to […]
Usually known for its year-round temperate weather, California has been experiencing a rather hot summer — even for a state known to have unpredictable weather. As wildfires continue to spread across the trendsetting state, some fire departments are beginning to use augmented reality technology to fight fires. While some military personnel have experimented with mixed reality training […]
Hey #Lucydfam! The eShop is ALIVE! Start shopping for smartglasses and spectacles now. Read the full update on Medium. Read the press release on Virtual Strategy. Don’t forget, you can leave feedback here or on our Telegram community!
Hey #Lucydfam! The eShop is launching soon, and we’re excited to bring Lucyd LOUD and our other great frames to our community. Want to know more about these unique Bluetooth “soundglasses”? Head to the Lucyd Medium for the full FAQ, and more great articles posted daily about the AR world!
Hello #Lucydfam! We are pleased to announce Dr. Ira Clement has joined the Lucyd advisory board. Dr. Clement will provide free eye care advice to Lucyd eShop customers, in our effort to create the best eyewear shopping experience possible.
Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce that we are filing for a patent for a new mobile application that will enhance Lucyd glasses. The LINK app is being developed to help smooth the user experience of wearables, with particular focus on improving the synergy of smartglasses and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. It is […]

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