Contest Alert! Win one of two FREE Lucyd Lyte smart glasses!

Win one of two FREE Lucyd Lyte e-glasses! Must be following @LucydEyewear on IG to win. BY JOINING THIS CONTEST, YOU AGREE TO RECEIVE EMAILS FROM LUCYD. We will never share your information with a 3rd party.


Love to win! There’re beautiful

Zampini Brenda October 22, 2021

Look sturdy, look good

Raymond Maurer October 21, 2021

Interesting company in an expanding industry. I’ll be interested to see how things pan out. Hoping for the best for Lucyd

Chris October 20, 2021

2.00 and 2.50

Anthony Crawford October 19, 2021

I hope I win

Cheryl Demarais October 18, 2021

Nice look

Mark Hart October 18, 2021

I wear glasses anyway so having a pair of glasses that can do everything would be great for me

Elizebeth Worthington October 16, 2021

Id like to win

Jason Koses October 16, 2021


Perez Hattie October 15, 2021

I like the look, plus, they are cheaper then my prescription glasses.

Debbie Taylor October 14, 2021

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