Texting Linked to Pedestrian Safety Concerns

Hello Lucyd fam,

Just a quick share for you today. Please check out this new article from Science Daily on how texting can compromise pedestrian safety. 

When out and about, use your Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth glasses to dictate and send texts and make calls handsfree via the voice assistant. It's a much safer option than taking your eyes off the road or street! One of the many advantages of Lucyd Lyte are is easy it is to use the voice assistant compared to other wearables. 



1 April 13, 2021

As one writer to another I thank Eric for bringing this benefit to our attention. I have spend the past 2 years writing about road safety, including safety for pedestrians.

Sue Chehrenegar February 06, 2021


Eric adams February 04, 2021

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