Lucyd Update Nov. 8th

The latest update from Lucyd.
Lucyd Update Nov. 8th

November 8th, 2018 Update

Hey #Lucydfam! The company is progressing well. Less than a year after being crowdfunded, we're already delivering innovative glasses worldwide, and have become the first optics shop in the WORLD to deliver prescription "soundglasses," and accept cryptocurrency for prescription eyewear. Now we're pleased to share a few new updates with you.

  1. The Lucyd affiliate program is now open. It can be signed up for via Leaddyno or Shareasale. The affiliate program pays a generous 7% of any sales from your network, as well as 50 cents per new subscriber brought in. Additionally, we are offering large bonuses for affiliates who introduce new resellers such as physical optics stores to us. Visit the platforms for complete information. Leaddyno is currently recommended. Collateral materials are being uploaded to the platforms and can be retrieved via emailing or joining our Telegram.
  2. We are developing a Lucyd Intro Kit for potential resellers and affiliates. The Intro Kit contains two sample Lucyd Louds, a countertop point-of-purchase display which can be used to introduce Lucyd frames into brick-and-mortar shops, a large window decal to advertise that Lucyd products are sold within, a print catalog with our wholesale pricing, and other collateral materials. The intro kit will cost $129 and be ordered directly through They will be available starting Nov. 12.
  3. We are progressing in our development of Lucyd Loud, and are nearing completion of a new, proprietary line of soundglasses. "Loud S" will feature the same high sound quality and functionality as the current product, but with a reduced lens size and a more snug fit. Based on feedback from the community, we found the overall size to be the most important issue with Lucyd Loud, and expect to resolve this with the Loud S by the end of the year. Additionally, the product will be available in a number of attractive color styles to appeal to different demographics. We will also look to have the Loud S available in different frame shapes. 
  4. We are also researching additional tech and fashion frames to expand the offering of Among them are waterproof, unsinkable frames for aquatic adventures, and a new range of high-quality acetate frames that we can sell at a deep discount (around $60 with prescription!). If you have a frame you'd like to see at Lucyd, or any other feedback, let us know at We have also just enabled a reviews portal on the site, allowing our community to rate and review all of our products. 
  5. A new sale was just launched, No-Squint November. We have temporarily reduced the price of all of our optical frames by 20%. The Di Valdi collection now starts at $99 ($124 with Rx) and Looks start at $69 ($94 Rx), including fast, free shipping in the US and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is further reduced by our current discounts and promotions which can bring the cost of a prescription glass from Lucyd all the way down to $75.
  6. The LCD Redemption Promo was a success, with many members of the fam taking the opportunity to exchange LCD tokens for shiny new glasses. This won't be the last time, don't worry--and we actually plan to implement a full LCD-based rewards program to the shop in the coming months. This will include an LCD hot wallet for storing and spending LCD easily on the shop. Want to pick up some LCD? You can get it at IDEX or our new Kineticex exchange! We'll be adding more exchange listings soon.
  7. We are very excited and focused on making Lucyd and LCD a long-term success! Thank you for your support and patience!

That's it for now, thanks #Lucydfam!


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