Loud Slim Earns #1 New Smartglass Release Award on Amazon

by Bold Commerce Collaborator on July 02, 2019

Hey Lucyd fam!

Exciting news today, we have just gotten the #1 New Release badge in the Smartglass category for Lucyd Loud Slim! If you haven't gotten your Loud Slim yet, you can get it from us with prescription here for $25 off with code LAUNCH.

Our limited edition Sherman Shades line of sport sunglasses launches next month, so keep an eye out! Lucyd community members who acquired over 5000 LCD tokens in our crowdfund will be receiving the full set of four frames for free. They feature cutting-edge design, and the set includes a blue light blocker with a unique transitional blue light lens, available for the first time in the US from Lucyd! Sherman Shades were designed with Lucyd Chief Brand Officer and football pro Richard Sherman, and will be offered at a discount price. 

Thanks fam, stay tuned for more updates!



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