February 6th Corporate Update

by Eric Cohen on February 06, 2019

Photo credit: Creative Agency: Zaki Rose | Photographer: Carlos Cruz

Hey #Lucydfam,

We hope your year is off to an amazing start!

We’ve been busy, and have a bunch of new developments to share. But first we want to ask a HUGE favor and PLEASE GO AND REVIEW LUCYD LOUD if you purchased a pair. If you email us at info@lucyd.co and let us know we will send you a $20 gift card (this week only).

Don’t have a Loud yet? Order now and get a pair just in time for Valentines day. $25 off with code SHERMAN25. Now for the latest on Lucyd:

  1. We have a new, more stylish and comfortable Lucyd Loud 2.0 is coming in March. Loud is a Bluetooth smartglass frame with several features such as handsfree calling, music playback and more. The new version will be lighter and more streamlined. A free pair (with prescription if needed) will be given to all token sale participants who purchased enough for a Lens beta, no LCD required. The team believes the new Loud will be very successful, as it looks quite fashionable and will be comfortable enough for all-day wear. The current sunglass-size Loud will still be available.
  2. We have improved the manufacturing for both the sunglass-size and the coming version of Loud. This will enhance the overall quality, packaging and composite materials.
  3. Mass market designer sunglass collection with brand officer Richard Sherman (the football star) also coming in March. The Sherman Shades are going to be a hot collection of sunglasses geared towards the athletic and sporting market, and will have an extremely attractive price point of $29.99, US shipping included. Four styles are planned for the initial run. A set of the Sherman Shades will also be provided free of charge to LCD holders who purchased enough for the Lens beta.
  4. Proceeds from the Lucyd eshop are being used for new product development. As a result of the decline of crypto values, the Lucyd Lens beta has been delayed until further notice. We have decided to focus on expanding the eshop at present to ensure continued operation and growth of Lucyd. We believe with our current resources, it is more sensible to expand our footprint in the online eyewear market while also developing and delivering tech glasses to upgrade your eyewear.
  5. To this end we are developing the first app to enhance the Lucyd Loud experience. We plan to have a fully functioning app by the end of year. Our apps will focus on improving the utility of Lucyd Loud for common tasks such as SMS messaging and/or device management. We are also developing an LCD token wallet app for web and mobile, to enable easy, fee-free cryptocurrency transactions among the Lucyd community.
  6. Lucyd has filed a new utility patent on an IOT communication app called LINK. Its purpose is to improve inter-device communications and control. We have also just filed a number of design patents on the Loud 2.0.
  7. We are developing a new token community site and forum, focused on LCD collaboration and development, and discussion of advanced eyewear. This will be at the lcd.life domain and should launch by Q2. Additionally, in the near future we plan to accept LCD for all purchases at lucyd.co, and use LCD as the basis of a loyalty program (like frequent flyer miles). 
  8. A new, smoother shop site just launched, including a better interface and many new sunglass frames and discount glasses/sunglasses starting at $30.  Further site improvements such as improving lens selection and the try-on widget are expected in the coming weeks. Please give us any feedback on the new site at info@lucyd.coWe want to give our community the best eyewear experience possible, and your input is needed to do that!
  9. We are planning two marketing campaigns for the Loud 2.0 and Sherman Shades in March, as well as launching a new web commercial featuring brand officer Richard Sherman. In the meantime we are starting a campaign for the new Lucyd Luster sunglass collection. Lucyd Luster offers edgy, high-fashion shades at a deep discount, and includes several prescription-ready styles.
  10. We are actively growing our affiliate, reseller and influencer network. Our new affiliate incentive program is visible here. Affiliates can now earn up to 11% cashback on referrals and $190 for reseller kit sales!
  11. Lucyd is currently being featured on the extremely popular Touch of Modern site. Check out the sale for a chance to scoop some hard-to-find Turboflex sunglasses!

You can join us on Telegram and follow us @golucyd for social media updates.

As always, we appreciate your support and feedback as we put #Lucyd on the map. Please don’t forget to share the Lucyd eShop with your friends and family on social media. Get your referral link at Leaddyno, it only takes a moment. Thanks and have an amazing day!

All the best,
Team Lucyd