LCD Token Release Update

Hello Lucyd community! We have some exciting things in the works now that the token event is over and LCD is out.

First, some important things about token distribution. If you purchased with the dashboard, your tokens are available in your account. Simply login and save the keystore and private key from the Wallet tab, and use them to unlock your new Lucyd-issued wallet on Then add the custom token details as follows:

Contract address: 0x9a4059c1cf329a017e0ee1337c503137Fd9463b2
Token Symbol: LCD
Decimals: 18

If you’re having trouble, there is a handy tutorial video in the Lucyd account, or you can check it out on Youtube. Don’t worry if you can’t transfer out just yet, we’re getting enough ETH to cover the transfer fee to all wallets shortly. Gas limit for transfers is 58000, but it often uses less. This is covered by .0012 ETH.

If you purchased with the smart contracts way back between October 17-Nov 6th, your old tokens have been replaced with official LCD to your purchasing wallet. You can disregard the legacy tokens, they have no function.

If you are expecting referral, affiliate or bounty tokens, you should have them by next week. Please be patient, we are going to make sure everyone is satisfied!


Lucyd will be trading on, a Swiss exchange, starting MONDAY the 16th. Lykke is a great platform with a companion IOS/Android app so you will be able to trade LCD on the go! Additionally, we will be on the, a Singaporean platform, starting April 30th., an Australian exchange, is confirmed for June. We are working on more exchanges to give our community as many options as possible. The press release on Lykke:


The current spread of tokens is approximately the following:

8m burned, 1m bounty, 30m company/blockchain dev (locked 6 months), 10m team (locked 12 months), 5m affiliates, 5m partners and vendors, 32m sold in ICO. Exact numbers to be published after token settlement period.


Lucyd Lens, our flagship product, will release into beta on schedule in Q1 2019. We look forward to beta testing our user-friendly smartglass with our wonderful #lucydfam!

Lucyd has some exciting developments planned for this summer, including an LCD token utility well in advance of planned, perhaps as early as this June! Stay tuned on our awesome Telegram, and email [email protected] for support.

Lucyd out!

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Get 50% bonus tokens when you contribute

$1000/3 ETH or more 12a-12a GMT this Friday!

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